ZUV : Cyprus

Cyprus known as the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’ is a European Union nation, and was once an erstwhile British colony with strong Greek and Turkish ties. Over the last few decades, Cyprus has been growing its education system and facilities to increase its international student population. ZUV, one of the best study abroad consultants in Kochi, with multiple branches in India, helps students choose the best university to pursue higher studies in Cyprus.

South Cyprus is an education stronghold that attracts hordes of international students every year. The northern part of Cyprus is recognised as a separate republic only by Turkey due to its Turkish majority. ZUV, with over 17 years of experience in overseas education, gives students the right guidance about education in Cyprus.

Study in Cyprus and experience its natural beauty and cross-continental influences in culture, cuisine and heritage thanks to its location at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa.


Public and private universities with globally recognised degrees and affordable tuition fees

Cyprus follows the Bologna process for designing higher education programmes

Many universities have adopted the American style of learning which is student-led and the programme can be tailored to suit the student.

All the universities offer courses in English; English, Greek and Turkish are the major languages

Cyprus has a relatively easy admission process and the qualifications are not too stringent

It has a low level of unemployment and a high income level, especially in the Greek Cypriot sector

Education has been a growing sector in Cyprus and the government is making significant investments to attract international students.

Scholarships are also available to international students

The income tax levels in Cyprus are very low compared to other parts of Europe

Safe country and the locals are known to be very hospitable and friendly


ZUV Overseas Education Consultants, headquartered in Kochi, with branches in multiple Indian states and other countries, has earned repute over the last two decades as a trusted partner/liaison to students and foreign universities alike.


We are a direct admission office, not a mere consultant

Study abroad services to all countries under one roof

Expert admission guidance and choice of course based on student preference/aptitude

Advice on best country-specific scholarship opportunities and procedural assistance

Proper documentation and timely service in all aspects

Clear picture on finance required for tuition and living expenditure

Honest information – pros and cons of every country discussed in detail

Accurate and up-to-date information on eligibility conveyed to the student

No false promises, no hidden costs

Maintain continuity of interaction with the student even after their education

Tele-counselling offered if the student is unable to visit the branch


Wide range of affordable study-abroad options; nominal processing fee

Student educational and career guidance is conducted by experienced professionals

Accurate information on VISA documents and finances required for post-departure services

Detailed description of the admission process to student’s country of choice

Doubts cleared with patient explanations on overseas education

Counsellors are friendly and committed to securing the student’s future

Continuous and timely updates of visa/admission processes

Trusted partner from counselling to application to post-landing assistance

Reputed and credible service provider with 17 years of service excellence


  • Non-EU students can work part-time during their studies for up to 20 hours a week, but only in certain sectors and only if they are pursuing a full time degree programme.
  • Students may also take up internships arranged by universities which may/may not be paid.
  • Continuing in Cyprus after the completion of studies is contingent on attaining a job offer and employer to sponsor the visa.
  • Students must leave Cyprus within 60 days after the completion of their studies. Those who have job offers can re-enter the country after the prospective employer completes the visa paperwork and the permit is granted
  • At first, the temporary residence permit is given for one year and has to be renewed on a yearly basis
  • Popular courses and industries are Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism


  • Universities provide very good housing on campus, but these are sometimes limited so it needs to be applied for well in advance.
  • There are a variety of options for housing such as single room, double room, studio apartment etc. The facilities are very well equipped and modern.
  • Private dormitories off campus are also popular where students from multiple universities stay. This can usually be arranged through the university housing office.
  • Renting an apartment either solo or shared with other students. This will be a more expensive option, depending on the location of the apartment.
  • Some students also opt for home stays with local families so as to get to know the people and culture better. This is also an affordable option.


  • Buses: Urban buses serving the towns, Rural buses serving villages, Interurban buses connecting major towns and Airport Transfer buses linking towns to the 2 airports.
  • There is no train or underground railway system.
  • Taxis: These are also divided into Urban, Rural and Interurban. They can be booked over a call or hailed from the street and use meters, except for the Rural taxis. Interurban taxis are shared so as to make it cost effective for passengers
  • Bicycles are easily available for rent in South Cyprus and are a good way to get around
  • There are cruises and short boat trips available close to the island but there are no ferries


  • The Ruins of Kurion
  • Seaside resort of Larnaca
  • Petra tou Romiou – Aphrodite’s Rock
  • St. Hilarion’s Castle
  • Cape Greco
  • Nissi Beach
  • Paphos Tomb of the Kings