Netherlands – the land of canals, tulips and a melting pot of multiple cultures – has a large and diverse international student population that has their heart set on quality education. About 95 per cent of the locals speak English making living, studying and working in the Netherlands very convenient for international students. Zuv, one of the best study abroad consultants in Kochi, with multiple branches in India, helps students choose the best university to pursue higher studies in the Netherlands.

The country’s renowned standard of education and comparatively low cost of living makes studying in the Netherlands an absolute value-for-money option. Thirdwave, with over 17 years of experience in overseas education, gives students the right guidance about education in the Netherlands

Study in the Netherlands and experience the Orange fever, a symbol of pride that is alive and kicking in everything the Dutch do, besides gaining exposure to varied global cultures.


World-class universities and internationally-recognised degrees

High-quality education – modern, well-designed courses and university facilities

Affordable study costs when compared to other English-speaking countries

Dutch universities offer grants and scholarships that can cover or reduce tuition fees

Innovative teaching methods: focuses on teamwork; tutorials/seminars in small groups

University partnerships local companies and multinationals for practical experience

Home to Philips, Heineken, KLM, Shell, ING and Unilever

Scientific research at Dutch universities is very highly valued across the globe

Can work part time for a 10 hours a week and full time from June to August

Universities of applied sciences available, which provide more specialised studies

Compared with other western European countries, the cost of living is relatively low

Over 2,100 English-taught study programs and courses to attract international students

If English is not your native language, TOEFL or IELTS is required

Opportunities to learn the Dutch language

Big international community and one of the safest countries in the world

Centrally located in Europe is pretty much a gateway to the rest of Europe


ZUV Overseas Education Consultants, headquartered in Kochi, with branches in multiple Indian states and other countries, has earned repute over the last two decades as a trusted partner/liaison to students and foreign universities alike.


We are a direct admission office, not a mere consultant

Study abroad services to all countries under one roof

Expert admission guidance and choice of course based on student preference/aptitude

Advice on best country-specific scholarship opportunities and procedural assistance

Proper documentation and timely service in all aspects

Clear picture on finance required for tuition and living expenditure

Honest information – pros and cons of every country discussed in detail

Accurate and up-to-date information on eligibility conveyed to the student

No false promises, no hidden costs

Maintain continuity of interaction with the student even after their education

Tele-counselling offered if the student is unable to visit the branch


Wide range of affordable study-abroad options; nominal processing fee

Student educational and career guidance is conducted by experienced professionals

Accurate information on VISA documents and finances required for post-departure services

Detailed description of the admission process to student’s country of choice

Doubts cleared with patient explanations on overseas education

Counsellors are friendly and committed to securing the student’s future

Continuous and timely updates of visa/admission processes

Trusted partner from counselling to application to post-landing assistance

Reputed and credible service provider with 17 years of service excellence


  • International students after graduation can spend a period of up to 12 months (search year) to find a job as a highly skilled migrant
  • With a residence permit for the ‘search year’, you can take up any paid or unpaid employment without work permit from your employer
  • At the end of the ‘search year’ period, residence permit cannot be extended.
  • If you get a job, employer will assist you in applying for ‘change of purpose’; if not, you will have to leave the country
  • Can intern with a Dutch company without a separate residence permit or work permit for this purpose. Employer must be able to submit an internship agreement on request
  • Thriving industries include: Agriculture and Food, Water Management, Art & Design, Sustainable Energy, Logistics, Tourism Industry etc


  • Many useful websites for students to find student accommodation
  • Rent rooms in a Student House, which are privately owned and can host up to 6 students
  • Student apartment with private bedrooms and shared facilities
  • Most Dutch universities offer student apartments/houses through their housing offices


  • Cycle with confidence, as there are dedicated roads for cyclist.
  • Buses ply at least every 30 minutes during the day and all of them accept the OV-chipkaart. Bus networks are easily accessible to people with physical disabilities. Most buses operate from 6am until 12.30am.
  • Trams are available bigger cities such as Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Trams also run from 6am until 12.30am.
  • Only Amsterdam and Rotterdam have an underground metro line running throughout the whole city – best form of transport.
  • Light rail is something between a train and tram; suitable for regional routes, not long-distance.
  • Trains are the perfect way to travel between cities, as roads are often jammed. The high-speed line runs between Schiphol airport and Antwerp.


  • Jordaan and Amsterdam’s Canals
  • Keukenhof – Garden of Europe
  • The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
  • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
  • The Windmills of Kinderdijk
  • Towns of the Ijsselmeer (Zuiderzee)
  • Zeeland’s Spectacular Dikes
  • Historic Valkenburg