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At ZUV, we are strongly determined to improve the quality of life of unemployed people by enhancing multiple skills and providing them right platform.


Mission of ZUV is to be a liaison for skilled people and employer as an advocate of career progression, and social development. We strive to minimize the Unemployment Rate in India.

The ZUV provides a heaven for social interaction, sustainable values and encouragement creating queer-positive environments by imparting training on life skills along with domain skills.We also add further sense of wellbeing by proving right platform to unemployed but skilled people.

Strategic Objective:

  • To have maximum share in eradication of Unemployment Rate especially from Rural India.

  • To enhance the Quality of Life by providing quality jobs and quality infrastructure.

  • Making unemployed and uneducated people self-dependent by enhancing not only their domain skills but also life-skills.

  • To set a benchmark in Skill India Mission

  • To contribute to Happiness Index of the nation by making people happy through our services.